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Food Coma

A Project against Food Coma

Optimizing Nutrition

My mission is to provide a service for consuming nutritionally dense food that optimizes daily life for health conscious people.

“Standards set by the FDA are ancient”
–Set in the 1920's, when nothing was fortified and most Americans farmed their own crops
– Dr.Rodriguez

Many of us in developed nations have lost many emotional, spiritual, and physical connections to the objects and environment around us.

Paramount among these connections which we have lost is our body. We eat simply to fulfill our cravings without any thought into what could make us feel optimal. That is because we have completely lost the connection food plays in our body; the role of food. Evolutionarily and across all kingdoms, food directly powers us and thus affects how we feel.

I am excited to explore more and potentially help people reconnect with themselves.  I am tired of consumerism telling us what to eat by creating false cravings and alternative addictions.

Nutrition goes beyond just the calories, and I am determined to never have food coma again. I believe interaction design can create intrinsic motivations in ‘valuable food’ consumption.

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DIY – Engineer & Design the way you want to feel tomorrow

By nutritionally optimizing our intake around the activities we'll be engaging in tomorrow


Reinvent #Foodporn

Sharing the same principles of #foodporn to spread internationally awareness


Body Awareness Workshops

Spiritually reconnect our craving with what our body needs

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