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Together : Productive Hangouts

Productive Hangouts that get your Tasks Done.


Meet new people who needs to work too!

Together is a mobile app that utilizes everyday tasks to connect with your community. By re-designing the to-do list in a way that schedules “work dates” without holding others accountable for your personal tasks.


How might we design a community network that could motivates individual to complete contextual tasks by paying-itself-forward.



There is an opportunity to leverage the knowledge of your community network of diverse experts (including yourself), by allocating others’ talents, interests, and knowledge of expertise, to assist in the completion of the contextual tasks (and vice versa).

It is safe to assume that we work better with others who understand and share similar enthusiasm. Based on my research on community engagement, the value of understanding everyone's one to two special niches could manifest in superhero-like formations. But with a lack of initiative, it often discourage the serendipitous of these such forces.

All users are also supporters

Wait I helped you? I didn't even noticed.

  • Primary users: Students

  • Support users: People in the community and other students



Core Features:

  • Your Passionate profile

  • 3 Task a Day

  • 1 Productive Hangout

  • Agenda prioritized based on free times



Visual compositions

Break the traditional UI patterns: no dock, no hamburger



Sample Scenario

Together allows people with limited time to maintain a life balance of work and social needs.

Brian and Ryan are both in the interaction design field. Brian is a design student, and Ryan works as a freelance interaction designer. Brian is interested in preserving our fundamental abilities through technology, while Ryan is interested in cultural branding and identity. They never had the opportunity to meet each other until their current task of Logo Sketches. This productive hangout gave both Brian and Ryan the opportunity to share their current project to each-other, express their passion and critique each others' design.

It looks like Brian and Ryan has another a productive hangout set up at the gym. Another opportunity to hold each other accountable in going to the gym and spark a productive friendship.



Animated Wireframes


App Structure

It's gesture base

Class: Interaction Design: Behavior

Project Date: Nov-Dec 2013

Project Length: 5 weeks

Team: Solo

Key Role: Research based project with Visual Explorations

Instructor: Haakon Faste