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Week 4, The Final Week

Reliability is the key to anybody’s morning commute.

When a Lyft is set to pick up a rider, the expectation is that the rider will be at their front door and ready to go. The reason is pretty obvious; any shared ride service is dependent upon being on time, otherwise everyone’s late, frustrated and grumpy. Thus, Lyft drivers are only set to wait harshly for a minute, before it will move on to the next stop. This will also result in charging riders a $5 cancellation fee. That happened to me once, as I was still in my apartment elevator.

The end of the challenge. I was surprised that I spent less than expected.

I spent $145 on Lyft. I was even more surprised to find out I spent $67 on Uber, for 1/4 of the rides that I got on Lyft Line!

Uberpool offers a noticeably larger quantity of drivers without snooze time.

Without snooze time however, it led to the failure of Uberpool in pairing potential carpool. Not unexpectedly, I was charged more using Uberpool. Lyft Line gives me a fixed discount rate up front, giving me, the rider, more rider confidence and not skeptical with the money making mindset.