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The Pitch at Lyft

Today, I met up with Frank Yoo, the Director of Product Design, and a few fellow designers at Lyft; Patrick, Sam, and Vicki, to start a conversation and gather some feedback.

My Design Deck includes: Mission Statement, Why it is my Passion, My Research - The 30 Days Lyft Line Challenge [this blog], Findings, Insights and Opportunity Areas, and 4 Concepts.

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A Lot of fun conversations!

Feedback was really positive. The team said I gave them a whole lot of new perspectives on how people use Lyft Line. "The idea of diving into very specific ‘micro’-moments of a user’s journey was very compelling." It sparked a lot of conversations, because the fact is... everyone riding on-demand rideshare service are running late.

"Your concepts really push the limits of Lyft Line’s fluid system, and I like where you are going."

"Your Lyft Line Challenge was a great example of how the work we do as designers impacts people’s daily lives."

What's Next?

I was encouraged to uncover more nuances and 'micro-moments' of a traveler's journey, while considering how data points could help us travel efficiently and sustainably.