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Transportation 2.0

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The 'Good Samaritan' Economy

"One persistent criticism for ride-sharing services is that they don’t actually do much to reduce the number of cars on the road." Your car is just replaced by a Lyft or an Uber.

Moreover, the word ‘sharing’-economy is also being criticized as money making rather than actual sharing. "Stop saying Uber is part of the sharing economy. What is being shared besides your money? Lyft and Uber really, is just an up-to-date Taxi Service.” – Fast Company



Focus on actual carpooling and strive for real "sharing." 


Design Principle:

Treat drivers as ‘Good Samaritans’...

There’s always at least one driver on the road, heading the same way you are.

  • Instead of creating more ‘supply’ (of drivers), let’s better utilize every empty seats on the road.

1. Activate the ‘Good Samaritans’ in us.

  • How might we incentivize drivers to help out ? outside of money?
  • How might we contain 2 steps UI flow for every interaction ? UX/UI Design Criteria

2. Implement connectivity to improve road experience/safety/conditions.

  • How might we democratize road data? Decentralize data? Blockchain?
  • How might significant pattern recurrences lead to actions?